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      Detection of Emerging Poultry Meat Quality Problems

      發布日期:2017-10-17訪問次數: 信息來源:工學院字號:[ ]

      主講人:Dr. Hong Zhuang(美國農業部農業研究服務署,食品品質與安全評估研究所(Quality and Safety Assessment Research Unit, ARS, USDA);佐治亞大學客座教授)

      時 間:20171018日(周三)下午14:00—16:00

      地 點:工學院638會議室




      Dr. Zhuang has more than 25 years of research experience in both basic and applied Food research fields. He has versatile skills and training in the field of instrumental analyses of sensory-related food product compositions and properties, sensory evaluation techniques for food quality assessment, food packaging, and spectroscopic analyses and statistical modeling. He published three papers in peer-reviewed journals and one book chapter based on his master’s degree thesis, and published five papers and two book chapters based on his Ph.D. research. Dr. Zhuang, as a senior research scientist with one of the world largest produce company, Chiquita International, has successfully developed more than 20 new products and implemented emerging processing technologies for produce processing companies. Since joining the USDA-ARS research team in 2006, he has published 33 peer-reviewed journal articles and 6 book chapters, edited one book, made 12 invited presentations, and more than 40 presentations at scientific meetings. Dr. Zhuang is an Adjunct Associate Professor and Graduate Faculty of the University of Georgia and an Adjunct Professor of Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing, China. He has served an associate editor for the Poultry Science, as a peer reviewer for sixteen scientific journals and a grant proposal reviewer for the National Natural Science Foundation of China, organizer/moderator for three sessions at academic meetings, member of the subpanel for the IFT Sensory Science Division Scientific Program, chair of the IFT Fruit and Vegetable Products Division, and president of the Chinese American Food Society.



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