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      Imaging Technology for Rapid & Objective Assessment of Food Safety & Quality

      發布日期:2017-09-18訪問次數: 信息來源:工學院字號:[ ]

      題目:Imaging Technology for Rapid & Objective Assessment of Food Safety & Quality

      主講人:Dr. Seung-chul Yoon,美國農業部農業研究服務署,食品品質與安全評估研究所(Quality and Safety Assessment Research Unit, ARS, USDA






      主講人簡介:Dr. Yoon is an electrical engineer with extensive experience in imaging science theory and its application to both consumer electronics and agricultural research. He has over 20 years of work experience in developing machine vision and image processing algorithms and over 10 years in hyperspectral imaging. His doctoral research focused on developments of digital signal processing algorithms for efficient visual communication and intelligent recognition of objects captured in digital images and videos. The educational training and work experience made him an experienced imaging system engineer with skills in C/C++ and control of computer hardware interfaces. At USDA-ARS, his primary research areas have been on development of objective and rapid imaging technology to solve food safety and quality problems.



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